30 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Of all the senses, smell is the one most closely linked to memories, yet many of us overlook this aspect of our homes. Do a quick audit of your home. Does it smell fresh & clean? What smells will visitors remember? What will your children remember?

Here are some ideas for how to have a fresh-smelling home you love being in.

Let’s start with eliminating smells.

1 Empty garbage bins often. Don’t wait until it is overflowing. Empty kitchen bins at least daily and other bins weekly or more often if needed.

2 Wash the bins.

3 Clean out your fridge. Have you got science experiments growing or does it just smell ‘fridgey’. Remove foods past their use-by date and wipe out with a vanilla spray. Add a container of bicarb to the back of the fridge. Don’t forget to wipe the seals.

4 Run your dishwasher more often. Don’t wait for a full load to build up. Dishwashers are amazingly efficient ‘magic cleaning boxes’ these days.

5 Use a dishwasher cleaner on a hot cycle monthly.

6 Empty and wash lunchboxes as soon as they come home from school or work. School bags get stinky, too. If they are washable, wash every school holiday.

7 Open windows and doors as much as possible. Get some fresh air in to rooms.

8 Wash pet bowls, beds and coats often. If you have caged pets, keep their cages scrupulously clean. Try a pet perfume on your fur baby or bathe them regularly. Often, we become accustomed to the smell of our pets, but it will hit a visitor in the face as soon as they walk in the door. If you are unsure about pet smells, ask someone you trust if they can smell anything.

9 Wash towels often. Towels and bathmats can harbour bad smells. Wash with vinegar and bicarb and dry without delay. Never use fabric softener when washing towels as it coats the fibres and makes them less absorbent.

10 Change the water in vases daily. Add a small amount of bleach to the water. Remove dead flowers from the house immediately.

11 Leave stinky shoes outside. If you have an area where you can leave stinky shoes (I’m thinking teenage boys’ sports shoes), use it. If you need to have stinky shoes in the house, store with kitty litter to absorb the smells or spray with dry shampoo.

12 Use drain cleaner. Drains can get a build-up of gunk and the smell can waft through the house. Use a commercial cleaner (be careful here if you have a septic system) or bicarb and vinegar flushed with boiling water.

13 Keep toilets and showers clean. Ugh! Take the easy way out with a daily swish. Use a daily shower spray and squirt the toilet bowl with gel (colourless is best as it won’t stain the bowl) each day.

14 Check your washing machine for mould. Front loaders are prone to mould building up in the rubber seals. If your machine has a drum clean cycle, use it monthly. Sent a reminder on your phone.

15 Clean the filters in clothes dryers, air conditioners and dishwashers.

16 Washing bedding often and air your mattress. Make one day a week (it’s Saturday at our house) to strip and wash sheets and pillowcases. Blankets and doonas can be washed less frequently. Consider the size of your bedding when purchasing your next washing machine. Do you have a King Size doona? You’ll need a bigger machine or use the laundromat. Some dry cleaners will wash large items.

17 Check curtains and blinds for mould.

18 Get an air purifier. It will reduce dust, pollen and bad smells.

19 Vacuum and mop floors regularly.

20 Have carpet and rugs professionally cleaned. Carpets can get gross with daily use, especially if you have kids and pets. So, when a deodoriser and a quick vac just isn’t enough, best get the experts in to give it a good clean.

Now for the fun stuff!

21 Use a linen spray. You can spray on beds, curtains, rugs, and fabric chairs. If you can’t find a premixed one you like, make your own using a few drops of essential oils, a tablespoon of vodka and some warm water in a spray bottle.

22 Use a diffuser. Choose a signature essential oil or mix it up depending on your mood.

23 Use wax melts.

24 Burn scented candles.

25 Make stovetop potpourri. Simmer citrus peels, rosemary, vanilla, cloves and cinnamon sticks.

26 Use good-smelling cleaning products and laundry liquid.

27 Get a bread-maker. Does anything smell as good as freshly baked bread?

28 Hide small scented candles in drawers and cupboards.

29 Add drops of essential oil to the filters of the clothes dryer, vacuum cleaner, and air conditioner filter.

30 Put a fresh plant in every room. Choose something you know you can keep alive.

Try this diffuser blend:

5 drops lemon

5 drops lime

3 drops orange

2 drops grapefruit

1 drop bergamot

2 drops juniper

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