How to Fake a Clean House

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Suddenly, it’s the day of the party and the house is a disaster. Sound familiar? This is not the time for deep cleaning, decluttering or sorting, my friends. It’s time to fake it!


Stay focused on only the areas most likely to be seen - the living areas, kitchen and bathroom.

Containerise & Hide

Grab a container - a basket, tub, box, even a garbage bag. Start at the front door and ‘sweep’ the focus areas picking up the clutter. Do not stop to sort. Keep moving. Hide clutter in a room and close the door. Remove dead flowers or dead plants.


Unload and load the dishwasher. Remove magnets and papers from the fridge - this removes a surprising amount of visual clutter. Wipe down benches.


Clear clutter to drawers or cupboards. Collect up bath toys. Remove used towels and replace with a couple of clean towels for guests to use. Do a super speedy wipe of bench, sink and toilet. Give the toilet a quick squirt and swish. Is there enough toilet paper?

Open Up

Open curtains, blinds, doors and windows as much as possible. The fresh air and light with instantly make rooms feel cleaner.

That’s the basics done. If you have time, you could also:

- Straighten furniture & fluff cushions

- Speed dust

- Make it smell good.

Now, stop thinking about your house and enjoy the party.


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