Surviving a Kid's Party

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

The day of the party can be extremely overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Use these stress reducing tips to increase your enjoyment of the day.

Create a Timeline

Grab a piece of paper and write a timeline of tasks. Approximate how long the task will take, work out when it needs to be completed and determine a start time. Complete as much in advance as possible. A task like putting up the decorations can often be done the day before.

Clear the Decks

Clear the kitchen benches and empty the sink and dishwasher. It’s easier for people to help with the clean-up if they are only dealing with party mess.

Enlist Help

You are a parent and already busy. Add to that Event Planner, Cook, Pastry Chef, Cleaner, Receptionist, Personal Shopper and Drinks Waiter – is it any wonder parties can be stressful? You don’t have to do everything. People love to help. Ask partners, grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbours and friends. Divide and conquer! Give each person a specific task, like bringing the spare chairs out of the shed. If the party is for little people, ask parents to stay for the party. Send your own children to a friend’s house for the morning so you get a clear run at preparations.

Buy Disposable

It’s not the green option, but it may save your sanity the few days of the year you host kids’ parties. Have lots of paper towel on hand for spills and smears. Cover a table with paper tablecloth and give the kids crayons to decorate it.

First Aid Kit

Kids will be kids and accidents are an inevitable fact of life. Have the basics on hand including ice packs in the freezer or esky.

Set Up a Rubbish Station

Parties generate rubbish and kids’ parties generate a lot of rubbish. Have large, labelled bins available for guests to pop rubbish in. This reduces the rubbish that you will have to pick up and sort after everyone has gone home.

Self Service

Set up food stations where guests can help themselves. Try a buffet for the grown-ups and bento box-style for the kids.


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