The Neglected High Traffic Areas in your Home

Bathrooms, kitchens and floors are the no-brainer, hardest working areas in your home. We all know this because, without regular attention, the neglect becomes obvious.

There are other areas that sneak up on you. Here are some other hardworking areas of your home you may be overlooking:

· taps – they’ve got lots of nooks and crannies to catch the gunk

· light switches

· door handles

· kitchen appliances – fridge doors, microwave control panels, down the sides of the dishwasher doors, toasters and kettles

· door frames and doors around hand height (especially if you have little mess monsters) and paw height (if you have furry companions)

· TV remotes

· game controllers

· air conditioner remotes

· mobile phones and other devices

· and keyboards.

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