The Real Phantom Menace

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

It lurks in the moist, dark crevasses. It is the bane of most households, quietly taking up residence in your bathroom. It creeps and grows until its presence is no longer deniable. It's mould. Cringe and shudder.

Not only does it look horrendous but it can also produce spores that can cause health issues.

The ideal is to stop mould getting a toehold in the beginning. If you have a new bathroom, try these strategies:

- dry wet areas immediately

- provide ventilation to remove moist air

- use mould-resistant products such as specially formulated caulking and paint

- increase natural light.

Once mould has taken root in your bathroom, there are strategies you can enlist to manage it.

Spray with a bleach spray and walk away. Give it some time to do it's thing. This is mostly cosmetic, simply hiding the colour of the mould.

Scrub with a grout brush, a stiff brush that looks like a giant toothbrush. Add bicarb or cream cleanser to increase the friction.

For mould monsters, soak cotton wool balls in thick bleach gel and allow to sit.

Steam cleaning can be effective in some cases.

Rinse and dry.

Some experts suggest using clove oil to stop mould growth.

Mould stains on grout and caulking can be extremely difficult to remove.

If you are planning on a new bathroom, check out my upcoming blog on bathroom design.


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