'Unchaos' Your House Post-Party

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Now to deal with the chaos left behind once the guests have said goodbye.

Don't Leave It

Avoid the 'I'll clean up tomorrow' trap. Do what you can today, while you still have some momentum. Put a movie on for the kids and get busy.

Food First

Put food away before anything else. Food poisoning is no fun. Even better, give leftovers to guests to take with them.

Clear the Party Space

If you went the disposable route, cherry-pick the non-disposables off the table then bundle everything else up in the plastic table cloth and bin the lot. Environmentally-friendly? Not so much. Sanity saver? Yep. I figure you do it just a few times a year. Put extra furniture away and empty bins. Take down decorations.

Clear the Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the hardest working rooms in the house. Focus on getting it as clear as possible before going to bed. There's nothing worse than waking up to piles of plates and bowls of leftover party food. Pump as much as possible through the dishwasher before bedtime. If you have to leave more until tomorrow, soak it in the sink. Wipe down benches and clean the floor.

Check for Nasty Surprises

Check furnishings and floors for stains or spills and deal with them while they are still fresh.

Other Spaces

If people ventured into other spaces, clear them one room at a time.


If bathrooms were used by guests, remove all towels and wash them. Clean toilets and wipe down basins, benches and floor. Hang clean towels.


If you can manage it, vacuum and mop. Outdoor areas may need a hose for hygiene reasons.

Accept Help

If people offer to help, say thank you!

Do as much as you can before heading to bed. You know you'll thank yourself in the morning.


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